David Worley Charity Foundation

Over the course of his life, David Worley has done a lot of work in the finance industry, working with such hard hitters as Fannie Mae and Wachovia, where he earned the reputation as a capable and highly skilled leader who achieved great results through his ability to motivate those who work for him and by establishing strong relationships.  However, after 30+ years of working in financial services, David recently retired.  With this free time on his hands, David Worley Fannie Mae is establishing a charitable foundation, so that he can give back to the communities that he’s called home over the course of his life. He is currently a donor to the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the United Way, although he is also interested in his charity   funding such other causes as Alzheimer’s, senior care and helping underprivileged children.

Charlotte Skyline

The skyline of Charlotte, North Carolina, a city which David Worley would be interested in creating a charity foundation.

Alzheimer’s and senior care have a personal association with David Worley.  Both David’s father and mother in-law suffered from Alzheimer’s, and watching them suffer from the symptoms of this crippling disease was a difficult experience that left a big impression on him.  Despite the fact that it’s so prevalent, Alzheimer’s is a disease that’s not terribly well understood, and current treatments are only able to help with symptoms of the disease.  Because of this, David Worley Fannie Mae is working on establishing a charity that will provide in-home assistance to take care of people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and assist the caregivers.  Although the cliché “the children are the future” is over-used, that doesn’t make it any less true.  David Worley is fully aware of this, and has a keen interest in developing a charity that will help mentor children.  One way that David has looked at helping children is to help send underprivileged children to summer camps.  Summer camp was an important part of growing up for David, his wife and their daughter.  David’s daughter played basketball growing up, which meant that she played basketball with a number of underprivileged inner city kids in Charlotte.  There was one girl that their daughter met through playing basketball, who grew up in a poor part of Charlotte with a grandmother not capable of giving support and no parents to speak of.  David and his wife and daughter took the girl under their wing, which helped her change the path she was on and make a different life for herself.  She is now grown and has a successful career in retail.  This experience had a profound effect on David, and because of it, he is very interested in touching the lives of other underprivileged kids and helping them succeed.